We believe that luxury is a way of seeing the world, rather than a way of being or doing. Eyes that find beauty in the simplest objects, in raw nature, in places where time passes by and history is felt.We want to see the real form of beauty, to find treasures in the unnoticed of everyday, treasures that need to be seen with an open perception and new eyes to turn ordinary into magic.

We believe LUXURY is being present, MAGIC is the attentive and unsuspected gaze and ENJOYMENT is better without conditions of form.Swimsuits and Resort wear designed to be enjoyed, felt, and used as much as you want.


Create beautiful and timeless summer pieces based on an aesthetic of simple beauty and unsuspected gaze under the premise of SlowLiving & SlowFashion.

"Hay almas que de tanto reír, caminar y bailar parecen hechas de tiempo y arena"